Cretan Mountain Jeep Safari

When Rea was trying to save her son Zeus from his father Kronos, she hide him in Crete. Later Zeus brought Europe to Crete for their honeymoon (Hesiod Cosmogonia). In the same way, if you want to run away from the routine and the pressures of everyday life and experience something unique with the people you love, join us on a CRETAN MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE SAFARI !

Crete is an amazing place with diverse countryside that starts at the crystal clear waters of the Aegean and the Libyan seas and end at the top of snow covered mountains. The character of the Cretan people has been shaped by this harsh and friendly environment at the same time. We are the best way to introduce you to this unique culture and people.

Let us introduce you to the magnificent countryside and the glorious culture of Crete. This experience can only be achieved with our knowledge and our connections with Cretan people.

In the same way the Cretan cuisine with its simplicity and unique flavors is a culinary paradise. The Cretan diet (not Mediterranean) has given the Cretan people, longevity according to scientific research that has been done over many years by leading universities. Our involvement in tourism and hospitality for over 40 years is our guarantee that we will do our best to introduce you to something different fro the usual tourist products.

Our trip include bitumen road and of bitumen road excursions, visits to winery, cheese and oil making places, so that you really come close and understand the life of the Cretan people.

Villa Angelica - an apartment and studio complex located in Agia Marina, Chania Crete - Greece.